Innovation & Energy

There are two major opportunities to achieve energy efficiency in your business or building:

Engineered Solutions
  • Employ high efficiency (COP > 6) equipment, over entire normal operating range.

  • Using updated modern control systems utilising IOT (Internet of Things) to reduce run times and costs

Soft Solutions
(no major engineering required)
  • Monitoring and assessing high consumption equipment.

  • Adopting high standard of maintenance such as assessing insulation of duct work and pipes is adequate, appropriate and in good condition.

  • Ensure plant is not running unnecessarily and equipment serving common areas are not conflicting each other.

Air Concepts can help you achieve energy efficiency through:
  • Energy measuring and reporting.
  • Implementation of smart control systems for large consuming equipment such as HVAC and lighting.

  • Reducing running costs by regular maintenance inspections to ensure optimum operation of equipment.

  • Carrying out upgrades to old equipment using modern efficient equipment.

  • New Installations, retrofits, maintenance & repairs.

  • Integration.

  • Consulting.

  • Project management.

  • Certification and testing.

Other Innovative Solutions Air Concepts Can Provide Your Home or Business 

MyPlace transforms your home into a Smart Home 

Control your place with MyPlace


MyPlace makes smart home technology simple. A reliable, easy-to-use integrated system which gives you peace of mind when you’re away from home and comfort while you’re at home.

MyPlace logo white.png

Smart Air Conditioning for Homes and Office

MyAir Console.png

Life just got even more comfortable with smart air conditioning


MyAir is our premium home air conditioning management system with up to 10 zones and individual room air flow control and a touchscreen that can double as a tablet.

MyAir White.png

Building Utilities Management Systems

Personalized Building Utility Management System equipped with the latest smart technology and features that help maintain proper functioning and optimize operations

Arnowa white-logo.png

Our Building Utilities Management Systems i.e, BUMS consists of integrated advanced smart technology devised precisely for effortless management and optimized operations.

Buildings, in the present time, offer extravagant top-class facilities to its occupants which often become a nightmare for the managers to manage properly. Our BUMS is the perfect solution to these inadequacies.

pannels in grass

City Scale Virtual Power Plant

Arnowa’s technological innovation could produce a much more flexible, resilient and efficient energy grid by decentralising DERs owners.

Arnowa white-logo.png

Aggregates flexible resources and ancillary services in real-time

Arnowa’s VPP solution consists of EMS software and hardware to measure and monitor generation and consumption.

We provide scalable, proven virtual power plant solutions creating flexible capacity from DERs and capturing new revenue streams...